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Montessori Teacher Training Institute Near Me Navi Mumbai


International Montessori Teacher Training Institute - IMTTI, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai was established to help meet the growing demand for Montessori teachers in India and abroad. Students from all states of India, Gulf countries, North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Far East participate in various courses offered by IMTTI. This course equips participants to educate children in the Montessori Method, at the preschool level (3 to 6 years of age) anywhere in the world.


  • We are known for conducting quality teacher training diplomas and certification programs in Early Childhood Care & Education / Montessori Teaching Practice

  • We have more than 630 centers globally

  • Our alumni get placement in renowned educational institutions/schools or open their early childhood centers to promote quality early childhood education

  • We offer 100% placement support and assistance

  • We conduct various programs to promote positive learning, effective parenting, and Montessori learning

  • We train school-educators and spread awareness about the best practices of
    early childhood education.


All the programs have been thoroughly researched and planned to bring a gradual shift in the mindsets and competencies of existing/aspiring educators. 

Our programs empower them to impart holistic education to young minds. Anyone who has a passion for young children and has 10+2 from the recognized board can pursue these programs and start their career as an educational professional.


However, we recommend our students to do these programs after graduation to have a successful career in teaching with renowned schools as that is basic qualification in demand.

Who may do this course?

  • Students who wish to start their own Preschool / Montessori School

  • Students who would like to become early childhood educators or Montessori educators

  • Existing teachers who wish to gain insight into the best practices of early childhood education

  • Parents who would like to understand the natural laws of growth and self-construction in a child and help their children to grow to their utmost potential

  • Anyone who has a passion for working with young children

  • People who would like to support special children in learning and development

Diploma in Montessori Teaching Practice, Early Childhood and Education

diploma in early childhood and education.jpg

These programs deal with the basics of Early Childhood Education and provide the framework for the teaching-learning process.

Understanding observation and reflecting upon self is an integral part of these programs.


In addition to imparting essential competencies and skills for curriculum and content development, these training programs also emphasize 21st-century skills and focus on students' practical life, sensory, cognitive, socio-emotional development, and language development.


These programs are especially designed for the skill development of educators and parents. These programs equip them to understand 21st century learning processes and provide confidence to enlighten young minds with the latest teaching practices.

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Become an Online Early Childhood Educator

Program Curriculum

  • Understanding Early Childhood Education

  • What do children need

  • Child Psychology & Lesson Planning

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual /Online Teaching

  • Lesson Planning for Virtual Teaching

orange blank.jpg

Positive Classroom Management

Program Curriculum

  • Understanding Early Childhood Education

  • What do children need

  • Child Psychology & Lesson Planning

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual /Online Teaching

  • Lesson Planning for Virtual Teaching

blue blank.jpg

Certification in School Psychology

Program Curriculum

  • Meaning of School Psychology

  • Psychological Development in Children

  • Understanding Learning Theories

  • Understanding Learning Theories

  • Practical Application of Psychological Theories in the Classrooms

  • Strategies to cope-up with difficult children in the classroom

blank red.jpg

Montessori in Early Childhood Classroom

Program Curriculum

  • Understanding Montessori

  • Difference between Montessori & Traditional Schooling

  • Montessori Method

  • Montessori Key Learning Areas

  • Montessori in practical life

blank green.jpg

Sensory Education in Early Years

Program Curriculum

  • What is sensory education?

  • Montessori Sensory Learning

  • Role of sensory education in learning

  • Sensory learning and curriculum

  • Using sensory apparatus

orange blank.jpg

How to do successful Home Schooling

Program Curriculum

  • Understanding Child

  • Needs of Children

  • Child Psychology and Learning

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Homeschooling

  • Making learning as fun

blank red.jpg

Understanding Preschool Language Skills

Program Curriculum

  • Importance of preschool language skills

  • Steps to teach Language Concepts

  • Planning fun activies to introduce language concepts

  • Introduction of writing, using play

  • Observation of reading and writing language skills

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Course - Small Course

phonics course.jpeg
learning disability.jpeg

Start Career as Montessori Teacher

Ideal course for students who are interested in Montessori Teaching

International Montessori Teacher Training Institute Certified by ISO 9001 & 2008

IMTTI Recognized & Accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IA0)-USA

Globally valid certificate with unique member's card from International Montessori Society - USA

All India Association for Educational Research (AAIER)

Bharat Sevak Samaj

All India Council of Education (AICE)

The Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)

The Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED)

all india association for educational re
montessori teacher training navi mumbai

To spread awareness about Montessori Philosophies and Methodology to all corners of the world. To instill in every teacher, the light of the Montessori guiding spirit. To work towards the betterment of Mankind. A common goal for peace.



Check out what our students are saying

Saint kabir das said, " GURU GOVIND DONO KHADE, KAAKE LAAGU PAAYE, BALIHARI GURU AAPNA GOVIND DIYA HATAYE " In the above lines a student says that if both God & My teacher Dr. Pratibha Singh standing in front of me & I have decided that whose feet I should touch first. In that case I will touch the feet of my teacher first. bcoz she taught me the way to reach God.


Our institute is good in explaining the topics.
Our mam is very friendly and cooperative,and explained the topics in detail, the demo and projects were explaining in easy to understand way.
Overall the experience in our institute was very good and informative.

Anita Majji

My experience in imtti institute was stimulating, illuminating & rewarding...this institute provides the best resources which gives foundation for my bright & successful career..& ofcourse special thanks to pratibha mam who really taking lot of efforts in teaching us & the way she teach..i really feel energetic in her class..she is a great mentor..really helping nature

Harsha belwate

Montessori teacher training institute is very good

Niky anis pathan

It has been a splendid journey at IMTTI Kharghar while my course. It is Pratibha Maam and her teaching skills which has made me learn more pratically than just theoretically. Her style of teaching and pedagogy is so excellent that learning became so easy that I did felt it effortless.
Thank you

Ritu Sharma

First my gratitude towards this institution and special thanks to our Pratibha mam ,always being willing to lead a hand when I needed..The study material was also good and informative.Prativa mam is very friendly and knowledgeable both in theory and practical.

Thank you.

Rosy Pradhan

It was totally amazing to be in her class, to feel the Super High-Energy and to be inspired by her brilliant knowledge.. The knowledge she shares is an eye-opener for me. I really feel proud, happy and honored to know her.. she is truly a GREAT TEACHER and LEADER.”

Ayushi Garbyal

International Montessori teacher training institute very good
Mam teaching is excellent

Niky anis pathan

It is a fantastic Institute for learning. A wonderful journey with an intelligent teacher and an amazing mentor, I completed my IMTT &Phonics Course under her guidance.Pratibha ma'am not only help in study, she make you blossom your personality. Gratitude to Pratibha ma'am, blessed to have you as my mentor.

Shweta Sinha

I genuinely enjoyed meeting you and learning more about Montessori. Prathibha Ma'am have always been supportive and guided well throughtout tha session. It has been pleasure being part of IMTTI. I am sure it will be a tremendous asset for my future growth.


The journey I have had with International Montessori Teachers Training Institute,Kharghar,Navi Mumbai has been since June 2021 until now and it has been one of the most beautiful and structured training courses offered.It was a great learning experience and special thanks to Mrs. Pratibha Mam for taking so much efforts to train and mould us to become great teachers.


Best insititue, best teacher- joined this course during lockdwn everything was virtual from presentations to project bt the knowledge we gained nd experience we got is not less thn offline classes..Special thanks to Pratibha mam she was so friendly nd so gave so good guidance nd knowldge…The best mentor, teacher , nd guide…

Sakshi Kukreja

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